Googie Withers

Image of Googie Withers

The daughter of a British army captain and his Dutch wife, Googie Withers was sent to a convent school in London at the age of eight and then attended the Italia Conti dance and drama school. She had her first stage experience at the age of 13 and while appearing in cabaret two years later was spotted by a film producer and given a small part in The Girl in the Crowd (1934). There then began a string of stage appearances and from the mid-Thirties, roles as darkly glamorous or seductively bitchy ladies in thrillers and comedies.

At the height of her career she left Britain to live in Australia with her husband, the actor John McCallum. but returned to take the occasional film and television role. In the mid Seventies she was notably successful as the governor of a women’s prison in UK television series Within These Walls.

Daughter Joanna McCallum is also an actress. Googie’s real name was Georgette Lizette and her stage name Googie dates back to the childhood nickname given to her by her nanny.

Born: March 12, 1917 in Karachi, Sindh, British India.

Died: July 15, 2011 (at the grand old age of 94) in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.



1996 Movies Shine as Katharine Susannah Prichard
1989 Movies Ending Up as Marigold
1987 Movies Northanger Abbey as
1986 Movies Made In Ealing: The Story of Ealing Studios as Interviewee
1986 Movies Hotel du Lac as Mrs. Pusey
1974 Series Within These Walls as Faye Boswell (Seasons 1-3)
1956 Movies Port of Escape as
1954 Movies Devil on Horseback as Mrs. Cadell
1952 Movies Derby Day as Betty Molloy
1951 Movies Lady Godiva Rides Again as Susan Foster (actress in clip, "The Shadow of the Orient") (uncredited)
1951 Movies The Magic Box as Sitter in Bath Studio
1950 Movies Traveller's Joy as Bumble Pelham
1950 Movies Night and the City as Helen Nosseross
1949 Movies Once Upon a Dream as Carol Gilbert
1948 Movies Miranda as Clare Martin
1947 Movies It Always Rains on Sunday as Rose Sandigate
1947 Movies The Loves Of Joanna Godden as Joanna Godden
1947 Movies It Always Rains On Sunday (Ealing 1947, Googie Withers, John McCallum) as Rose Sandigate
1947 Movies Miranda (GFD 1947, Glynis Johns, Googie Withers) as Clare Martin
1945 Movies Pink String and Sealing Wax as Pearl Bond
1945 Movies Dead of Night as Joan Cortland (The Haunted Mirror)
1945 Movies Dead Of Night (Ealing 1945, Michael Redgrave, Mervyn Johns) as Joan Cortland
1945 Movies Pink String And Sealing Wax (Ealing 1945, Googie Withers, Mervyn Johns) as Pearl Bond
1944 Movies They Came to a City as Alice
1944 Movies On Approval as Helen Hale
1943 Movies The Silver Fleet as Helène van Leyden
1943 Movies Silver Fleet, The (The Archers 1942, Ralph Richardson, Googie Withers) as Helène van Leyden
1942 Movies One of Our Aircraft Is Missing as Jo de Vries
1942 Movies Back-Room Boy as Bobbie
1940 Movies Busman's Honeymoon as Polly
1939 Movies She Couldn't Say No as Dora
1939 Movies Trouble Brewing as Mary Brown
1939 Movies Dead Men Are Dangerous as
1939 Movies Murder in Soho as Lola Matthews
1938 Movies Convict 99 as Lottie
1938 Movies The Lady Vanishes as Blanche
1938 Movies Strange Boarders as Elsie
1938 Movies Kate Plus Ten as Lady Moya
1937 Movies Paradise for Two as Miki
1937 Movies The Green Cockatoo as
1937 Movies Action for Slander as Mary
1936 Movies Accused as Ninette Duval
1936 Movies Crime Over London as Miss Dupres
1936 Movies Crown v. Stevens as Ella Levine
1936 Movies All at Sea as Daphne Tomkins
1935 Movies Dark World as Annie
1935 Movies The Love Test as Minnie
1935 Movies Her Last Affaire as Effie