London Belongs To Me (Individual 1948, Richard Attenborough, Alastair Sim)

London Belongs To Me (Individual 1948, Richard Attenborough, Alastair Sim)

In London Belongs To Me Garage mechanic Richard Attenborough and his mother Gladys Henson are living in a typical south London boarding house in 1939. Also living there are fake medium Alastair Sim; Susan Shaw, her retired father Wylie Watson and mother Fay Compton; Soho nightclub attendant Ivy St Helier; and lonely landlady Joyce Carey. Life there is uneventful until Attenborough, needing money to convince Shaw that he loves her, steals a car, resulting in the accidental death of his former girlfriend Eleanor Summerfield. Traced by detective Andrew Crawford, who hopes to marry Shaw, Attenborough is charged with murder. The lodgers rally to his defence but he is convicted. Stephen Murray organizes a petition to the Home Secretary and there is a march to Westminster.

Director Sidney Gilliat and J B Williams’ adaptation of Norman Collins’ best-selling novel impressively retains the thrust and flavour of the original and Gilliat elicited a memorable series of performances from the exemplary supporting players, led by Compton, Murray, Watson, St Helier, Carey, Crawford and Shaw, as were cameos by Ivor Barnard as a judge and Cecil Trouncer’s prosecuting counsel.

US Title: Dulcimer Street

production info

  • Year of Release: 1948
  • Country: UK | Individual Pictures
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 107 minutes

Alastair Sim

Mr. Squales

Fay Compton

Mrs. Josser

Stephen Murray

Uncle Henry

Wylie Watson

Mr. Josser

Susan Shaw

Doris Josser

Joyce Carey

Mrs. Vizzard

Ivy St. Helier

Connie Coke

Hugh Griffith

Headlam Fynne

Gladys Henson

Mrs. Boon

Maurice Denham

Jack Rufus

Ivor Barnard

Mr. Justice Plymme

Cecil Trouncer

Mr. Henry Wassall