Brannigan (Wellborn 1975, John Wayne, Richard Attenborough)

Brannigan (Wellborn 1975, John Wayne, Richard Attenborough) (1975)

Action crime drama that has Irish-American detective Jim Brannigan (John Wayne) of the Chicago Police Department traveling to England to retrieve a career criminal (John Vernon). With the aid of an old-fashioned Scotland Yard official (Richard Attenborough) and a self-assured female constable (Judy Geeson), Brannigan fully intends to recapture the gangster, even if his methods conflict with those of his British assistants.

Involved in the script was Christopher Trumbo, the son of former blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo.

Also known as Joe Battle.

production info

  • Year of Release: 1975
  • Country: UK, USA | Wellborn
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 111 minutes


John Wayne as Lt. Brannigan
Richard Attenborough as Cmdr. Swann
Judy Geeson as Jennifer
Mel Ferrer as Fields
John Vernon as Larkin
Daniel Pilon as Gorman
John Stride as Insp. Traven
James Booth as Charlie-the-Handle
Arthur Batanides as Angell
Ralph Meeker as Capt. Moretti
Barry Dennen as Julian
Lesley-Anne Down as Luana
Pauline Delaney as Mrs Cooper
Del Henney as Drexel
Brian Glover as Jimmy-the-Bet