Man At The Top The Movie (Hammer 1973, Kenneth Haigh, Nanette Newman)

Man At The Top The Movie (Hammer 1973, Kenneth Haigh, Nanette Newman)

In this superb movie version companion to the ITV series of Man at the Top Joe Lampton is given a high profile job by Lord Ackerman to take over as the managing director of a big pharmaceutical company, when he learns that his predecessor Taranath has committed suicide he begins to dig into the reasons behind his death and learns that he was the chief researcher behind a new drug called D50 which promises to aid malnourished families in Africa but has some serious side effects. Joe heads off for a showdown at Lord Ackerman’s country estate.

Classic! Having played Lampton for two seasons Haigh was naturally fully upto speed with his conniving and manipulative ways. This being a big screen movie there is ample nudity and thuggery – Joe has an affair with Ackerman’s wife played by Nanette Newman, don’t worry Nanette’s much loved status isn’t undermined by disrobing on screen she got a body double in for that and he also has a roll in the dirt with Ackerman’s daughter Robin as well as several other encounters along the way – not least with a pair of teenage hitch-hikers. All very 1970′s of course but Haigh is superb as Lampton and the script is tight too. It looks at one stage that Joe is going to get a crisis of conscience but as the final scenes play out you realise that once again he has arranged things so that he comes out on top.

Lots of well known faces appear and there are a couple of straight roles for comedian Charlie Williams and boxer John Conteh.

crew details

  • WRITER: Hugh Whitemore
    CHARACTERS: John Braine
    MUSIC: Roy Budd
    PRODUCERS: Peter Charlesworth, Jock Jacobsen | DIRECTOR: Mike Vardy

production info

  • Year of Release: 1973
  • Country: UK | Hammer – Dufton
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 92 minutes

Kenneth Haigh

Joe Lampton

Nanette Newman

Lady Alex Ackerman

Harry Andrews

Lord Clive Ackerman

William Lucas


Clive Swift


John Collin


Charlie Williams

George Harvey

Anne Cunningham

Mrs. Harvey

Angela Bruce

Joyce Harvey - hitchhiker

Margaret Heald

Eileen - hitchhiker

Norma West

Sarah Tarrant

Nell Brennan