Carry On Screaming (Rank 1966 with Kenneth Williams and Harry H. Corbett)

Carry On Screaming (Rank 1966 with Kenneth Williams and Harry H. Corbett)

The Carry On team’s foray into the world of horror films remains one of their finest send-ups, with loving references to a slew of classic horror films combined with the usual mix of excruciating puns. Albert Potter (Jim Dale) is necking with his girlfriend Doris Mann (Angela Douglas) when she is mysteriously abducted, the latest in a line of strange kidnappings. Scotland Yard’s finest, Det Sgt Bung (Harry H Corbett) and his incompetent sidekick Constable Slobotham (Peter Butterworth) are on the case and the trail leads to the house of Dr Watt (Kenneth Williams) and his sister Valeria (a very vampish Fenella Fielding). Could the good doctor be abducting young women and turning them into life-like mannequins for shop windows?

Thomas, who directed all the Carry On films, and the cast have a ball – they even manage to throw in a werewolf sequence when Bung and Potter accidentally drink the wrong potion, and there’s a nice homage as the theme tune to Steptoe and Son plays as Bung mounts his horse and clip-clops down the street. And, of course, Williams’ immortal line as he meets his end in a vat of boiling oil, “Frying tonight!”

One of the rare Carry Ons to not feature Sid James.

crew details

  • Writer: Talbot Rothwell
    Director: Gerald Thomas

production info

  • Year of Release: 1966
  • Country: UK | Rank
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 90 minutes

Harry H. Corbett

Detective Sergeant Sidney Bung

Kenneth Williams

Doctor Orlando Watt

Jim Dale

Albert Potter

Fenella Fielding

Valeria Watt

Joan Sims

Emily Bung

Angela Douglas

Doris Mann

Peter Butterworth

Detective Constable Slobotham

Jon Pertwee

Doctor Fettle

Michael Ward

Mr. Vivian

Tom Clegg


Billy Cornelius

Oddbod Junior

Frank Thornton

Mr. Jones