The Layover

The Layover (2017)

In comedy The Layover, when their plane is rerouted due to a hurricane warning, two single female best friends find themselves competing for the same guy during an extended layover in St. Louis.

crew details

Writers: Lance Krall, David Hornsby
Director: William H. Macy

production info

  • Year of Release: 2017
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 88 minutes

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Alexandra Daddario

Kate Jeffries

Rob Corddry

Stan Moss

Kal Penn


Jennifer Cheon


Eric Gibson


Emy Aneke

Cab Driver

Joe Nunez

Flight Attendant

Alvin Sanders

Balloon Pilot

Angela Moore

Female Cop

John Destry

Sketchy Drifter

Dean Redman

Hotel Clerk

Joe Mullen

Desk Clerk

Pendo Muema

Female Student

Emma Day


Carrie Genzel

Harrolds Buyer

Mary Black


David Mackay

Father of the Bride

Ronald L. Conner

TSA Employee

Joseph Huffman

Airline Employee

Jenna Johnson

TSA Employee #2

Carolyn Adair

Dancer / Jeweller

Bryan Kreutz

Spit Bag Passenger

Brian Kowalski

Airline Employee

Jaan Marion

Baggage Handler

Camille Marolf

Cell phone lady

Neil McDonald

Airport Goatee Guy

Adel Van Donsel

Airport Traveler

Jeremy Nunes

Baggage Handler