Truth or Dare (Screen One BBC-1 1996, Helen Baxendale, John Hannah)

Truth or Dare (Screen One BBC-1 1996, Helen Baxendale, John Hannah)

Starring Helen Baxendale and John Hannah, psychological action thriller Truth Or Dare is a compelling tale set in motion by a seemingly innocent college reunion.

With a messy divorce behind her, successful lawyer Lorna (Baxendale) longs for excitement in her life - something her career and her dead-end affair with a married man can't give her.

The lure of the recklessness of student days promises a welcome escape when three college friends turn up unexpectedly. She opens her home to all of them and her heart to one in particular - the charismatic Nick (Hannah).

But these outlandish house guests and a taste for adventure soon lead Lorna into a terrifying, dangerous world.

Screen One Season 7 Episode 6

Aired From: 31 August 1996

crew details

  • Writers: Michael Barnes, James Richards, Russell Lewis (all three uncredited on screen)
    Producer: Gareth Neame
    Director: John Madden

production info

  • Country: UK | BBC One
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 100 minutes

Helen Baxendale

Lorna Johnston

Fiona Bell


John Bett

Malcolm Ogilvy

Geoff Boyz

Stand-up comic

Sarah Collier

Antonia Baird

Andrew Conlan

Sean Heggie

Jeffrey Daunton

Second businessman

Oliver Ford Davies

Derek McKendrick

John Fraser

Gordon Hillan

Tom Hamilton

Self defence instructor

Alex Harvey

Hotel manager

Anne Kristen

Mrs. Hugill