Trauma (ITV 2018, John Simm, Adrian Lester)

Trauma (ITV 2018, John Simm, Adrian Lester)

Three part psychological thriller sees the world of Dan Bowker collapsing following the murder of his fifteen year old son Alex in a stabbing incident. Alex actually dies in the trauma room of the hospital he is taking too and Dan is convinced that consultant Jon Allerton is to blame for his death.

As he strives for what he believes is justice, Dan begins to unpick the very fabric of Jon's life as his own unravels in the wake of Alex’s killing.

Trauma is an intricate, fast-paced thriller that questions what makes a man good and explores what happens when the very institutions established to protect us and those who represent them, let us down.

Aired from 12-14 February 2018.

crew details

  • Writer: Mike Bartlett
    Director: Marc Evans

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production info

  • Year of Release: 2018-02-12
  • Country: UK | ITV - Tall Story Pictures
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 3x60 minutes

John Simm

Dan Bowker

Adrian Lester

Jon Allerton

Rowena King

Lisa Allerton

Lyndsey Marshal

Susie Bowker

Jemima Rooper

Nora Barker

Jade Anouka

Alana Allerton

Raffiella Chapman

Catherine Bowker

James Gasson

Mark Bowker

Calvin Dean

Dave Saunders

Steven Elder

Steve Beckett

Hara Yannas

Julia Lancing