Shetland: Shetland Season 4 Episode 5 (BBC-1 13 Mar 2018, with Arnmundur Bjornsson)

In the penultimate episode of murder-mystery Shetland, Perez must reassess the investigation following Jo’s attack, the MIT sets its sights on Malone, while Tosh grows skeptical of Lars.

Jo’s assault has ripple effects on the team, particularly Sandy, who feels guilty for not protecting her more. Perez tries to keep everyone focused but pressure mounts on him to re-arrest Malone. However, in the absence of evidence, Perez resists. As far as Perez is concerned, it’s time to open up their investigation again and think beyond the Norwegian connections.

Adding to Perez’s stress, DI Cole and DS Jackson from the MIT arrive and begin picking holes in his investigation. Astounded a search of Malone’s farmhouse has not been carried out, Cole and Jackson conduct their own. However, when they get there, Malone is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Tosh grows skeptical of Lars. An offhand comment he made places him on Shetland on the day of Sally McColl’s murder. Tosh suspects he might be the mysterious Norwegian whom Jo saw Sally talking to at the festival.

Believing his cover is blown, Lars attempts to flee Shetland on the ferry. Perez and Tosh face a race against time to catch Lars and, as they do so, he throws another surprising suspect into the investigation.

Rocked by Lars’ revelation, Perez delves back into the past, revisiting footage from the beach party that shows murder victim Lizzie Kilmuir - and a very familiar face.

Pictured above is Lars Bleymann (played by Arnmundur Bjornsson).

Airdate: Tuesday 13 March 2018 from 9.00pm-10.00pm on BBC ONE.

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Series Creators:
  • Producers: Sue de Beauvoir (season 1), Peter Gallagher (Season 2), Eric Coulter (Season 3)
    Novels: Ann Cleeves / Executive Producers: Christopher Aird, Elaine Collins, Kate Bartlett

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  • Series Premiere Date: 2013-03-10
  • Country: UK | BBC-1 – BBC Scotland
  • Episodes generally run for: 60 minutes minutes