Lose Weight For Good Episode 3 (BBC-2 17 Jan 2018)

Lose Weight For Good Episode 3 (BBC-2 17 Jan 2018)

In this episode Tom tackles special treats - but with some serious foodies and restaurant-goers among his group of dieters, these dishes need to hit the spot and stop them from falling back into their old ways.

Tom is impressed with their commitment, but knows there’s still a long way to go before their eating habits are changed for good.

Taking a look at the kind of food you wouldn’t imagine you’d eat on a diet, the recipes include a classic Italian starter - a tricolore salad of tomatoes, cheese and basil - with Tom’s ingenious lower calorie dressing. For mains, there’s a one-pot Mediterranean dish of smoked cod, tiger prawns, fresh veg and pasta, and a rich and creamy beef stroganoff that would satisfy the biggest appetite. For pudding, Tom rustles up individual coffee and chocolate custard pots.

Tom meets up with Ki, who wants to lose a couple of stone before he gets married later in the year. Ki loves eating out in restaurants and doesn’t know how to cook, so Tom challenges him to cook a three-course meal for friends using his calorie-counted recipes.

Tom heads to church to visit local vicar Jenny, who has Italian heritage in her family and loves hosting dinner parties; Tom wants to know how she’s resisting temptation when it comes to food.

Sandra works in event management and, like Tom, is surrounded by food on daily basis. Jenny and Sandra are the first in the group to try this dessert, so Tom awaits their verdict with particular interest. Will it satisfy their chocolate cravings?

Alongside their calorie counting, the dieters are now taking up exercise such as tennis, jogging, rugby training and dancing. Tom is especially proud of mum-of-four Leigh who has overcome her self-consciousness to have regular kick-boxing sessions with a personal trainer.

The group’s support network has continued to strengthen and Ozi, who was isolated at the start, has organised a barbeque. Everyone’s been asked to bring along calorie-counted food as they celebrate the mid-way point of their 12-week adventure.

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production info

  • Release Date: 2018
  • Country: UK | BBC Two
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 6x30 minutes