Beyond Westworld (CBS 1978, James Wainwright, Jim McMullan)

Beyond Westworld (CBS 1978, James Wainwright, Jim McMullan)

SciFi drama series Beyond Westworld was a spin off from the 1973 film Westworld. Android creator Simon Quaid embark on a quest for World domination by replacing prominent figures with his creations. A pair of agents Pam Williams and John Moore, from the Delos organisation, try to stop him.

The series was canceled after only 3 episodes due to poor ratings and high production costs although five were made in total.

Aired From: 5-19 March 1978 Wednesdays 8.00pm.

crew details

  • Creator/Executive Producer: Lou Shaw
    Producer: John Meredyth Lucas
    Based On The Book By: Michael Crichton
    Music By: George Romanis

season by season

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production info

  • Year of Release: 1978
  • Country: USA | CBS
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 5x60 minute episodes

Connie Sellecca

Pamela Williams

William Jordan

Professor Oppenheimer

James Wainwright

Simon Quaid

Jim McMullan

John Moore