Riverboat (1959)

Period drama series Riverboat was set during the 1860’s and charting the adventures of Grey Holden, owner and captain of 100 foot long steamer The Enterprise which travelled along the Mississippi river. Holden was a full blown adventurer having been a former soldier and one time rum runner.

Regular characters on the boat included Holden’s co-captain Ben Frazer (for season one anyway until Burt Reynold’s departure – allegedly Darren McGavin didn’t like all the attention given to Reynolds leading to a feud between the two of them), Joshua the first mate, Pickalong the cook (both only lasted one season too).

For the second and final season Holden (who had actually won the Enterprise in a game of poker) had sold a half share in the boat to Bill Blake and he would take a hefty slice of the action.

Broadcast Sunday 13 September 1959 – Monday 16 January 1961

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production info

  • Year of Release: 1959
  • Country: USA | NBC
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 44×50 minutes

William D. Gordon

Joe Travis (1959-60)

Burt Reynolds

Ben Frazer (1959-60)

John Mitchum

Pickalong (1959-60)

Bart Patton

Terry Blake (1959-60)

Noah Beery, Jr.

Bill Blake (1960-61)

Darren McGavin

Captain Grey Holden

Dick Wessel

Carney Kohler

Jack Lambert

Joshua Walcek

Michael McGreevey

Chip Kessler (1959-60)

Claude Akins


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