Rhoda (1974)

Quirky sitcom Rhoda was a spin off from The Mary Tyler Moore Show in which Rhoda Morgenstern moved back home to New York, she quickly fell in love and married businessman Joe Gerard who ran the New York Wrecking Company; He had been married before and had a 10 year old son.

At the start of the series Rhoda had been living in an apartment block with her sister Brenda and after her marriage she and Joe moved into an apartment in the same block. Rhoda then started her own window dressing business but married life began to pall and within two seasons she and Joe had separated.

Around this time more emphasis was also placed on Rhoda’s sister Brenda. During the next couple of seasons Rhoda re-adjusted to singledom but later began a relationship with entertainer Johnny Venture.

Again the following season brought changes; Rhoda changed jobs, she began working for the Doyle Costume company run by Jack Doyle and much of the action now centered around the company. Also a big part of the show was Rhoda’s typically Jewish mother Ida Morgenstern. Also a regular was the heard but never seen apartment block doorman Carlton.

In 1974, Harper won the Emmy for Best Comic Actress and in 1975 the series won a Golden Globe for best comedy show.

Broadcast Monday 9 September 1974 – Saturday 9 December 1978

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production info

  • Year of Release: 1974
  • Country: USA | CBS
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 110×30 minutes

Nancy Walker

Ida Morgenstern

Valerie Harper

Rhoda Morgenstern

David Groh

Joe Gerard (1974-1977)

Ron Silver

Gary Levy (1976-1978)

Kenneth McMillan

Jack Doyle

Lorenzo Music

Carlton the Doorman (voice)

Julie Kavner

Brenda Morgenstern

Ray Buktenica

Benny Goodwin

George Wyner


Joan Van Ark


Caren Kaye


Joseph Mell


Tim Reid


Peggy Pope