The Interns (CBS 1970-1971, Broderick Crawford, Stephen Brooks)

The Interns (CBS 1970-1971, Broderick Crawford, Stephen Brooks)

Short lived one season medical drama The Interns was set in the environs of the New North Hospital and followed Dr Peter Goldstone as he attempted to teach a group of five young newly qualified doctors all he knew.

The show had plenty of soap opera style elements and followed the personal lives of the doctors as much as their professional ones.

Their had been a couple of feature length TV movies aired prior to the series starting, these were The Interns and The New Interns.

Broadcast 18 September 1970 – 10 September 1971 / Shown Fridays @ 7.30pm

crew details

  • Creator: William Blinn
    Music: Shorty Rogers
    Executive Producer: Bob Claver

season by season

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production info

  • Year of Release: 1970-1971
  • Country: USA | CBS
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 24×50 minutes

Broderick Crawford

Dr Peter Goldstone

Elaine Giftos

Bobbe Marsh

Christopher Stone

Dr Pooch Hardin

Stephen Brooks

Dr Greg Pettit

Mike Farrell

Dr Sam Marsh