Blake's 7: Project Avalon (BBC-1 27 Feb 1978, with Glynis Barber)

Blake's 7: Project Avalon (BBC-1 27 Feb 1978, with Glynis Barber)

In Project Avalon it's definitely a case of Winter Is Coming as the crew of the Liberator head to a freezing planet where they once again tangle with Travis. Blake wants to meet with a resistance leader called Avalon but Travis intends to get there first.

Travis manages to capture Avalon and kill most of her felllow resistance members. On board Travis's ship he has the technology to make her reveal her secrets, she has knowledge of at least 30 resistance cells on planets across the Federation. When Blake and Jenna arrive on the planet one of the resistance group is still alive and tells them what happened. Blake intends to mount a rescue mission.

There is a tense sequence once Blake, Jenna and Vila get aboard the ship where Avalon is being kept prisoner. Despite being hugely outnumbered the gang manage to escape back to the Liberator with Avalon. Blake thinks something is wrong though, their escape was too easy. It soon becomes clear that Avalon is not in fact Avalon, she is a robot. The plan being to kill everyone on board the Liberator and claim it for The Liberator.

One of the infamous Robbie the Robot style security robots makes another appearance in this episode, they make the Daleks looks mobile it has to be said. At times there is a definite hint of Fall Out style future retro with the stylings, especially Vila's esky toolbox.

Glynis Barber plays a mutoid in this episode, she would of course go on to become a member of the Blake's 7 crew, playing Soolin.

classic quote
Vila: I've got a weak chest
Avon: The rest of you is not very impressive

production details
UK / BBC One / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 27 February 1978

Writer: Terry Nation / Director: Michael E. Briant

Gareth Thomas as Blake
Sally Knyvette as Jenna
Paul Darrow as Avon
Jan Chappell as Cally
Michael Keating as Vila
David Jackson as Gan
Peter Tuddenham as Zen
Stephen Greif as Travis
Glynis Barber as Mutoid
Jacqueline Pearce as Supreme Commander Servalan
Julia Vidler as Avalon
David Bailie as Chevner
John Baker as Scientist
John Rolfe as Terloc
David Sterne as Guard

season 1, episode 9

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series crew details

  • Creator: Terry Nation
    Script Editor: Chris Boucher
    Music: Dudley Simpson
    Producers: David Maloney (Seasons 1-3), Vere Lorrimer (season 4)

production info

  • Release Date: 1978-1981
  • Country: UK | BBC One
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 52×50 minutes